About Us

The Kamloops Mounted Patrol is headquartered at Hacienda Caballo on the North Thompson River near Kamloops B.C. The fifty acre property consists of riverside meadows and wooded areas which are connected to a large island by a series of causeways, creating an ideal free range for our horses.

Our horses are not stabled but have access to shelters of their choice as required. They run in a herd with the freedom to roam and browse. This freedom, combined with fair, firm management contributes to virtually vice free behavior and good public manners. Summer pastures and winter hay form the basic nutrition with grain, fruit and vegetables as supplements and treats. Our horses are not shod and most have never had shoes. The “Mustang Roll” type of trimming is most successful and emulates the method used by the Houston Texas Mounted Police where the working life of service horses has been significantly improved.

For management purposes all of our mounts are geldings consisting of popular light breeds. They range in height from 14 to 16 hands high. Much of the training focuses on the riders as much as the experienced mounts, however “hybrid” Australian stock saddles have proved highly suitable for our purposes. On-the-job activities with seasoned veterans advances the training process with mounts serving well into their twenties.

Join Us



  • 19 yrs plus with reputable, upstanding character (able to pass security check if necessary)
  • Non-smoker with reliable transportation.
  • Attractive presence, good team player
  • Physically fit up to 200 lbs. maximum
  • Enjoy riding & working with quality horses
  • Regular riding commitment
  • A nominal annual membership fee which includes horse use & some basic uniform items.

Desirable Applicant Contributions/Expertise

  • Riding/horse care experience (but not manditory)
  • Flexible availability (shift work? self-employed?)
  • Mechanical/trades training
  • Security/First Aid skills
  • 2nd language fluency

Membership Benefits:

  • Ride with pride for the community
  • Exclusive horse use/frequent riding privileges.
  • Low cost uniform/equipment–boots, Wranglers, etc.
  • Excellent for references, resumes & contacts
  • unique new skills & camaraderie
  • Excellent low-cost hobby/recreation

If this looks good to you & you’d look good for us, get more information by emailing us at: wanless@telus.net

Please note that only suitable applicants will be contacted